31 Ekim 2017 Salı

The Supreme Turkish Supreme Nation celebrates or gives away Republic Day As more intense celebrations

Yesterday, a Korean friend sent a message telling him that the Turks could not unite our ties.
Or that the United States will sail? Russia Central Asia Turks Migration He says that I have managed to find my past and these
Or the enthusiasm of the tribes Or the whole world intentionally tells the world that I do not explain myself
I am very happy because it means that our teacher, Olaf Johansen, is studying the tribes of Central Asia, Turkish tribes.
we tell you that we explain well or the bitterness of the Turkish tribes of Central Asia in Turkey
They insist that it is something like that. "Today, this issue has arisen with the nations of the world.
These publications, with which we left, are increasingly interested in two idiots that extend to the real world of Turkey 15 thousand
Once you have no results, you must inform us or work with us as a non-filing blogger, as they are all open.
The Congress or the Independence of the Turks of the World is my signature blog that I can follow or not, or google +.
Greetings to all of you

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