10 Şubat 2018 Cumartesi


Dear Sayaf in Turkey yi we always warn my friends since my playmates explode precious events in Syria and still warn
we are continuing now the Syrian affair evolves in another way, we have been writing for years, the power has been warned that our language has returned
Now the murder of Russian generals in Syria Syria By the fall of Israeli plane Syria in a mini world war
province and Syria has become open to all kinds of provocations It is not clear tomorrow what will happen to our field soldiers
this provocation is a very important issue that means that a provocation can be left in a hurry,
a strategy should be created, what we have written in strategic issues up to now, all this one is happening
It is not a going here Abd can make a world war to not let go of oil basins because the US economy reses
It is the leading commercial and industrial weapons industry arm of the US, and it has to profit absolutely
because in the absence of arms sales, the US economy will never recover.
enriched this historic occasion after the korean war in 1952, the gun industry continued to win the United States
now away from its own territory It is preparing for a world war that it tries to keep It is a must see this fact Today
preparations for world war are being taken in Syria There is no legal ground for the presence of Abd Nin Syria pyd ypg
The US has confiscated the Syrian energy baselines by the PKK and supported these international terror nets
war is running it must be known very well respects

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