28 Kasım 2017 Salı


My dear students and follow me. All my friends are my students, I say this because this is the immigration of Turkish tribes in the middle of Asia.
It's a conference and it's academic academic work. You can say I respect the ban, but this topic
If we consider it a study that will affect the roots of the world and if we try to understand it,
You will see that it is an economic, cultural and political issue, because the political economy of the countries
the underlying reason for the problems that they have experienced geopolitically is that they forget their past
The economic pressures of many inhabitants are based on political pressures. For this reason, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea,
The tribes migrated to Malaysia and the Arabian Peninsula to the other side of North America, the South and Europe.
the migrants and the people who keep the country here are losing their identity with religious pressures and political pressures
these communities have become the state of isede The nation has not gained the consciousness of being the world today, millions of exploited
the people of the enslaved Turks were removed from their memory and the enslaved societies exploited in the countries where they lived
they have become valuable friends, they do not know these tribes of the middle of Asia who do not understand migration today everything has been lost
the situation is today our deceased teacher olaf johansen has seen this and has done this work for the world has been given the gift
as a student, I remember the mercy and gratitude and I also contributed to support all my Circassian brothers
I am offering my gratitude

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