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First owners and migration north of South America and white are:


North from here and arrived for the first time in South America is a new continent to another, from the bilmiyorlardı.b natural life
ice age in search of the dam is 90 meters down and Siberia aBelow sea levelnd They were running Alaska
Which is now submerged Beringia was a time when Central Asia is interconnected Turkish flags digging in the area before immigration
Occasional Turkish groups living in the plains of AmericaTRANSPORTATION .alaska
Lara free corridor opened Overgrown ice and therefore it is impossible to live where people or animals then they moved east and south along the continental shelf of the first settlers of Alaska. First, surpassing gateway among the glaciers in North America for now reaching its region found southern United States that must go through thousands of years.
Between 13,500 and 13,000 BC BC The first guest who settled in the North American continent, who called the people Clovis. (These people are estimated to be the earliest examples of Early-Indian culture). He developed the period of culture due to the presence near the city of Clovis, New Mexico named Clovis Culture
Norway Summary SCIENTIFIC DATE OLAF JOHANSEN 125 of the thousand-year-old Turkish nation of civilization in America that says it all,
If it is considered as a continent 15,000 years, so this is the first inhabitants of the continent that appeared Airports Turkey is happening here now
Redskin's life in North America and other southern nations and would put all this OTA is of Turkish origin
While historians know identity information keep secret .hang lived under?
First turned American Americans arrived, it was far from being a white part of nature. According to current estimates, as well as in the Western Hemisphere, in those days, Western Europe, that is, 40 million people were living.

Today, the US Is in the region, as the first in Europe began to establish colonies it is believed that 18 million Indians live.
Indians of the region is located in central Mexico (Native Americans and / or Native Americans) were pioneers in agriculture and corn, pumpkin and beans were grown. Knowledge and experience in this regard has slowly spread to the north. Corn was grown in nehir vadi New Mexico. Early signs of this were observed after irrigation and village life.
The first century after Christ, now Arizona - Phoenix, Hohokum are Hopewellian in Ohio, Mississippi, now the southwestern United States that are ancestors of the modern Hopi Anasazi Indians on the Pacific coast in the northwest, probably he lived mostly part civilized Indians Americans before Columbus.
AZTECA (Mexico) -para-Incas (Peru)
Mesoamerican region stretches from Mexico to Costa Rica. Kristof Kolomb when he put foot in the American continent after name civilizations have had access to a very high level of civilization here. Present in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, in the period between 1800 BC to 300 BC, in the northern and central part of Andean culture, Central America is expected to increase complex. Many city-states in the region, kingdoms and empires come out and fight against each other constantly distracted cases can be mentioned that relied on five cultures: Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Mayan and Aztec. Toltecs and Aztecs in the highlands of Mexico, Antilles, in the Caribbean, as in this Chibeh in Colombia, is in the Inca civilization on the island of Peru and Bolivia. Region and the Incas were the only sovereign in the region between 1438 and 1533.

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